When should you re check for vitals once CPR has been initiated?

by | Nov 8, 2019 | CPR Tips

That’s probably one of the more common questions I receive in the classes I teach. Most people think that you should check for pulse and breathe every 20-30 seconds to see if anything has changed; it’s actually quite the opposite. Once you check for vitals in the beginning (pulse and breath) you’re going to do 5 rounds 30:2 CPR (compressions and breaths) before you check again. 5 rounds will approximately take you a little over two minutes to complete. The reason for administering 5 rounds is this. You want to give it enough time for the blood and oxygen to reach up into the brain, if you’re constantly checking every 20-30 seconds you’re not giving it enough time to allow that to happen. You’re going to keep on doing this until paramedics arrive or you can get someone else to take over for you.

If you happen to have another person to help you administer CPR, I would highly recommend doing 2 person CPR. What I’m talking about is one person doing compressions, while the other person does breaths. This is way more effective at not having you get to exhausted so you can continue until professional medical help arrives on the scene

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