What is the most critical component of CPR?

by | Oct 30, 2019 | CPR Tips

Quite often the act of performing CPR on an unconscious victim is the easier part believe it or not. The toughest part of all this is keeping yourself together mentally so you can get through this process. I’ve personally seen this happen more than a few times when the rescuers were in capable of rendering aid due to the extreme pressure put on them on saving someone’s life. What normally happens is that the rescuer freezes in panic and is rendered useless at giving any kind of help.

Here is what I recommend. If there is someone else at the scene with you, grab them and perform 2 person CPR. This consists of one person doing the compressions and the other person doing the breaths. This way it’s not all on you trying to save someone’s life, you now have a partner helping you taking a lot of the mental pressure off of you so you can get through this. If the situation was you were the only person at the scene and you’re having a really difficult time even getting started, here is what would recommend. Make it as easy as possible and just do straight compressions and keep on going until paramedics arrive. You’re still doing some good here by moving the oxygenated blood through the victim and hopefully the victim will make it until EMT’s arrive. Keeping it together mentally is a key factor in getting through all of this, so make it easier on yourself by implementing these techniques.

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