The One of a Kind E-business guide that INCLUDES all the priceless forms and fliers I’ve personally used and designed in making my business a success!

Hello, my name is Scott Lehnkering.  I have been in business for 7 years now running my own CPR/first aid training business, A Hero for Life. Previous to this business, I have had multiple businesses along with being a p/t medic, personal trainer, and sales consultant, but without a doubt have enjoyed this one the most because of its flexibility, income potential, and working with the public. Occasionally I’ve had other Instructors ask me the question, have you ever considered franchising? I thought about it once, but frankly seemed like too much work and expense, but it sure gave me a great idea! I’m going to write a How to e-business guide showing other individuals EXACTLY what I’ve done that’s made my business a success.  Fortunately for me, I really believe it was my experience in marketing and running other businesses beforehand that gave me an edge in starting the company I now run. I’m here to pass this knowledge along to you and for others to learn what I have in a fraction of the time. This guide is really meant for people that are looking to go in a new direction for work, want to work for themselves, and have the ability to get in front of small groups of people. Best thing about this business is this…. You can virtually do this type of work anywhere, as long as you have local business fairly close to you.

What I give you in this e-business guide:

  • In this e-business guide I map out everything you have to do down to the smallest detail to ensure your success in this business. There is nothing I leave out.
  • I also supply you with all the forms and flyers I have personally designed over the years which is worth its weight in gold.
  • I tell you exactly where to get your supplies, manikins, etc… so that your investment is minimal.
  • Liability insurance and where to get it that can save you big dollars!




New book cover

Forms Included

  • Data Base form
  • Expenses form
  • Sample Invoice
  • Waiver of liability
  • Mailing list
  • Certificate of completion

Fliers included:

  • Medical offices flier
  • Community CPR/first aid flier
  • Workplace flier
  • Lunch & Learn flier
  • Hotel marketing flier/letter


All personally designed forms & fliers are in a editable format for the user


Topics included in this book:

  • Marketing your website
  • Setting up your home office
  • Business licenses and liability insurance
  • CPR training equipment
  • Marketing (the meat of the book) Locations that are goldmines for you
  • Hiring employees if you go that route
  • Avoiding pitfalls (I’ve been there and show you what to avoid)
  • Your website and the least expensive way to set it up


                   Positioning yourself is key in this business   

Don’t try to re invent the wheel… let me show you how it’s all done!




After payment is received, guide is emailed directly to you 



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