CPR certification  *  BLS certification  *  First aid certification

Orange County CPR training

Meet Scott Lehnkering, founder of A Hero for Life.

A resident of San Clemente CA, I originally came up with the idea for this life-saving business to supplement my income as a medic. In addition to that, I also realized that most people do not know what to do to in a crisis situation when It comes to saving someones life.

I have owned and operated several businesses in the health and fitness industry for over fifteen years. My last p/t business, Pro Active Fitness, provided guidance and instruction to companies setting up exercise and weight loss programs for their employees. It was while I was conducting this business, I discovered I had a knack for teaching and helping others which propelled into thinking a new way.

Because of this new perspective, I formed A Hero for Life to educate and train others with the life-saving skills necessary to really make a difference. I really can’t think of a business to be in that’s more gratifying than this one and actually getting paid to do it.

Our company, A Hero for Life offers the following classes to the public as well as businesses:

* CPR/AED certification /CPR training

* BLS certifications for Healthcare providers / BLS training

* First aid certification / First aid training

Scott and the staff at A Hero for Life are all certified through the American Heart Association as CPR/First Aid instructors. Our classes are guaranteed to be informative and presented in an easy format to understand. A common reaction by A Hero for Life student is, “I’ve learned more in one of your classes than in any one I’d taken before!” That’s my goal, to make sure the instruction really sinks in.

A Hero for Life primarily provides a mobile service that comes directly to your business, residence, community center, etc..to the greater Orange County area

Because we are committed to saving lives, A Hero for Life will travel to any location in Orange County for groups even as small as five people.

Our mission statement: To empower people to confidently administer CPR in any life threatening emergency, without hesitation.

Schedule your Group Class Today!

949-481-2578  or  mobile 949-547-3412

All of our instructors  are certified through the American Heart Association  


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